Girls Lacrosse

Friday, 3/15/19 2:30 PM

The following athletes are eligible to try out for girls lacrosse on the first day of spring sports

Madelyn Brown
Keegan Carty
Lauren   Clark
Hayleigh Crawford
Grace Danehy
Margaret Danehy
Lindsay Devine
Kayla Doherty
Caitlyn Echols
Grace Fernandez
Alixandra Flaherty
Kathryn Garvin
Gabriella Geminiani
Hannah George
Elizabeth Healy
Greta Hobbs
Grace Maher
Kerry McCabe
Caitlin McCarthy
AnnMarie McCoy
Olivia Murray
Abby Oppenheim
Paige Peterson
Bethany Sears
Shealyn Sears
Kendall Seyboth
Isabelle Shanteler
Melissa Shanteler
Leah Sheehan
Abigail Sullivan
Kylie Tryder
Alexis Tsimtsos
Abby Varricchione
Emily Vigeant
Gabrielle Weinstein
Lauren Whitman