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This form is to report head injuries (other than minor cuts or bruises) that occur during a sports season. It should be returned to the athletic director or staff member designated by the school and reviewed by the school nurse.
For Coaches: Please complete this form immediately after the game or practice for head injuries that result in the student being removed from play due to a possible concussion.
For Parents/Guardians: Please complete this form if your child has a head injury outside of school related extracurricular athletic activities.



Athletes will need a physical on file that is within 13 months of their last physical. So if a student's physical runs out during the season, they will be required to see a physician/nurse practitioner for a new physical exam.

Please be aware of the date of your child's physical and plan accordingly.

After much discussion and debate, the MIAA Board of Directors addressed a DPH rule effecting athletes physical examination rules. Please read the following and know that in order for a student/athlete to be able to participate in athletics, their physical has to be within 13 months of their last physical ~ no longer will their physical cover for the entire sport season as in the past.

"After discussion at the end of last week, your MIAA Board concluded that it had no reasonable option but to modify the MIAA physical examination rule to remove the possibility of  putting families and schools out of  compliance with DPH regulations.  As a result, the answer to DPH FAQs #28 clearly eliminates the possibility of student athletes completing their season beyond  the thirteen-month anniversary of their most recent physical examination.  The Board was cognizant of the potential hardship and inconvenience this action may cause, but acted to ensure that all student athletes receive the protection that the more stringent DPH standard represents."

r.f.n - 6/11/12


The regulations specify that school policies must include documentation of a physical examination prior to a student's participation in extracurricular athletic activities on an annual basis consistent with 105 CMR 200.100(B)(3): Physical Examination of School Children. The MIAA has a rule for its members (Rule 56.1 Student Eligibility/School Requirements: Physical Examinations/Medical Coverage/Concussions) which requires a physical exam within 13 months of the start of each season, but allows a student "who meet[s] this criterion at the start of the season will remain eligible for that season." What do we do if a student needs another physical exam during the sports season?

The DPH regulations regarding head injuries and concussions in extracurricular athletic activities, 105 CMR 201.006(A)(3), were written to be consistent with existing DPH regulations regarding physical exam requirements for students, 105 CMR 200.100(B)(3), and to apply to all public middle and high schools and MIAA member schools. Both require a physical exam "on an annual basis." DPH is sensitive to issues of insurance coverage in those cases where repeat physical examinations within a 12 month period would not be covered. For that reason, the DPH regulations do not specifically define "on an annual basis" as being strictly within a 12 month period, but left that policy-making decision to schools. To comply with DPH regulations, schools have the option to choose to adopt a policy that requires physical examinations within 12 or 13 months of the student's last physical.

Athletic User Fees

Athletic User Fees can be paid online.

The link will enable you to pay via MasterCard or Discover Card (with a fee applied) or you can pay with a check and no fee will be applied.

There is a fee of $150 dollars per sport with a family cap of $500 for all Mansfield High School Activity User Fees.

If you have more than one child who has participated in a previous season, please pay only the remaining balance toward the family cap.

Students on free or reduced lunch still need to go to the Athletic Department and are not able to access this online process for payment.

SIGNED PERMISSION SLIPS STILL NEED TO be submitted and with current physicals on file to be able to participate in sports.

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Donna Harrington at 508.261.7540 x33112 or email