Boys Cross Country / Boys Track

Tuesday, 11/13/18 9:18 AM

The following players are eligible for the first day of winter sports

StudentFirstName StudentLastName
Michael Ayoub
Ryan Dow
Tim Hanley
Patrick Heavey
Paxton Howard
Tyler King
Andrew Krysko
Tommy Lanzillo
Christopher Leonard
Raffaele Marzella
Logan McGill
Derek Meuth
Benjamin Mintz
Joshua Mocklin
Michael Mullahy
Ryan Munroe
Peter Oldow
Austin Risotti
Jack Rivard
Jason Rubicine
Thomas Ruse
Stephen Sabe
Aidan Sacco
Jaden Sardella
James Schlenker
Alezander Schotz
Collin Stevens
Peter Sullivan
Ethan Thevenot
Benjamin Thibault
Christopher Verros
Steven Vovcsko
Mikki Warnica
Gregory Waters
Jason Windvogel
Andrew Williams

Below are links that will automatically add the teams events to your google calendar! They automatically update, due to weather changes.


1.) Go to Google Calendar, accesible through any Gmail Account

2.) Click "Add A Coworkers Calendar"

3.) Chose the "From URL" option

4.) Paste the link for the desired team and click "add calendar"